With Barbara’s expert support my children far exceeded their predicted French GCSE grades.


Hemel Hempstead

The fact that we travel to the other side of town in the rush hour twice a week is proof that Miss Thomas’ French lessons are very worthwhile!

Both my children who are doing their GCSE courses have benefitted greatly from her support and get along with her very well. One of them was starting to struggle with the course but now feels a lot more confident and positive. My other child who, although was already doing well, has really liked the security of the extra help, as it has taken away a lot of the stress leading up to the exams, enabling him to enjoy the subject more.


Park Street

Barbara was very quick to respond and has been accommodating with the time of the lesson. My daughter has found her easy to get on with, positive and encouraging.



I’m so glad I have Barbara as my tutor, a really excellent teacher! She has the ability to somehow boost confidence too, very helpful and will always try and do more to help me. The English Language makes much more sense to me now and I’m eternally grateful.


St Albans

I spent three months having English classes with Barbara. I have to say that she is, not only a very good teacher, but a very nice and kind person. Moreover I learnt a lot, it was very easy to keep a very nice and comfortable relationship with her and her family, being the first time I met them. So, I absolutely recommend Barbara from a professional and personal point of view, to everybody who wants to learn a foreign language she is teaching.



I started seeing Barbara in Year 8 and she was able to help me with both my French and German. She always managed to make the sessions fun and enjoyable.

I would not have been able to get through my French GCSE without Barbara who not only taught me great technique/theory but also gave me confidence in my own ability. Whilst I will not miss having to study French any more, I will miss Barbara!


St Albans

Barbara has tutored my son and daughter for over three years in both French and German. With her help, my daughter was well prepared for her French GCSE in Year 9 and achieved excellent results. She has provided interesting and varied tutorials and helped maintain their motivation in the languages.



Barbara is an experienced and professional teacher, and we can highly recommend her if your daughter or son needs French tutoring. Our daughter took French lessons with Barbara once a week throughout Year 9, because she was behind in French having lived abroad under a different curriculum. Our daughter achieved excellent exam results this year with Barbara’s help and support, and enjoyed the lessons and found them very helpful for her work at school.


St Albans

Barbara helped my daughter to prepare successfully for her French A level. Barbara was very encouraging and positive and my daughter’s confidence improved hugely. I would thoroughly recommend her!


St Albans

My son, Alex, was fast-tracked for French AS and A2 and asked if he could have a private tutor as he was keen to maximise his grades. Barbara was the perfect find, as she is extremely approachable and knowledgeable. Alex found Barbara to be particularly helpful with points of grammar and felt she really helped him to get to grips with the topics he needed to cover and the relevant vocabulary required. With a dedicated study area in her home, Barbara was able to offer the right tutoring environment, including work on past papers and help with essay writing. All aspects of the AS and A2 exam papers were covered: language, listening, comprehension, oral work, plus the Literature texts and support with the cultural and historical aspects of the syllabus. Alex enjoyed a relaxed and extremely beneficial working relationship with Barbara and his confidence increased enormously.


St Albans

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